11 amazing real estate facts to entertain your brain

11 amazing real estate facts to entertain your brain

These are very interesting!  We came upon these fun facts this morning given to us by contributer, Seth Williams of Inman.com.  Seth Williams (@retipsterseth, G+) is an experienced land investor, commercial real estate banker and residential income property owner. Seth is also the founder of the REtipster Blog, a real estate information hub offering real-world guidance for part-time real estate investors.   Read the original post.

Bet you didn’t know this…



Source: FlickrSeeking Alpha


Source: Flickr, Wikipedia, HuffingtonPost


Source: Flickr, Wikipedia, Houselogic


Source: Flickr, LifestyleProperties


Source: Flickr, OneRedPaperClip


Source: Flickr, Wikipedia


Source: FlickrWashingtonCityPaper


Source: FlickrHomesOfTheRich


Source: Flickr, CrazyFactsWikipedia


Source: Flickr, Gizmodo


Source: FlickrCnet

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