Brooklyn’s 3rd Ward Is Coming to Northern Liberties

Brooklyn’s 3rd Ward Is Coming to Northern Liberties

After more than a year of renovations and planning, the Brooklyn-based co-working/education center is due to open its massive new space in April at 1227 N. Fourth Street in Northern Liberties. 3rd Ward is a multi-disciplinary workspace and education center, including a Wood Shop, Metal Shop, Photo Studios, Jewelry Studios and Coworking Space. Their classes are open-enrollment and affordable. Average class prices run between $50 and $500 and some classes that run over eight weeks can cost up to $1000.

Classes are taught by local trade experts as the curriculum encourages peer-to-peer educating. Over 300 resumes have been submitted and they estimate to have approximately 150 educators by the facility’s opening.

The three-story, 27,000-square-foot NoLibs location was once a church and later a factory. It includes an outdoor deck and green roof. Aside from the trade classes offered, the second element of the 3rd ward includes a co-working space. Office space will be available for a monthly fee and will include access to their conference room for meetings. It is estimated the property will accommodate up to a couple hundred co-workers.

The ground floor will have a restaurant which is still unnamed. With so many new developments in the area, the success of the already established 3rd ward property in Brooklyn, NY and uniqueness of the classes they provide, the 3rd ward in Philly is sure to be a great addition to the Northern Liberties neighborhood.

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