CityRealty Revamps NYC Real Estate Site

CityRealty Revamps NYC Real Estate Site

CityRealty Revamps NYC Real Estate Site and hopes to Dominate an increasingly crowded field.

In 1995, long before Facebook, Google, and even Ask Jeeves, NYC CityRealty was founded. A sort of glorified real estate classifieds, it was cutting edge in the way that anything online back then was cutting edge just by virtue of being online.

The people who founded the company thought it would be a listings site to compete with the newspapers,” general manager Jim Schoenburg told The Observer. “As far as we know, we’re the oldest continuously operating real estate website.

Despite all the current data-driven websites and competition, CityRealty is striving to reclaim its early prominence with a focus on data-driven building and neighborhood comparisons in New York City.

The new website went live on Monday, March 4th and has been renovated with many new features.

Click here for more on this by the New York Observer.

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