Cory J. Popp’s “A Very Philly Christmas”

Cory J. Popp’s “A Very Philly Christmas”

WATCH:  Cory J. Popp’s Gorgeous “A Very Philly Christmas”

“A Very Philly Christmas,” was shot by Cory J. Popp and captures just how beautiful this city can be around the holidays.

“I wanted to make a holiday video to capture the spirit of the city at this time of year because it’s always so beautiful, and it goes by too fast,” explains Popp. “While I was filming in Rittenhouse, I looked around and saw other people photographing a lot of the same things with their smart phones. I decided to ditch my plan, and just capture the things people around me were photographing because those are the things most dear and important to them.”

Philadelphia is a wonderful place to be during the holidays!  This video will sure put you in the winter spirit!

Check out Cory J. Popp’s site for video stills and more information.


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