Deck Demand! A glance at some pretty amazing outdoor decks.

Deck Demand!  A glance at some pretty amazing outdoor decks.

In these summer months, we are reminded how amazing it is to own a deck.  If you’re lucky enough to enjoy this living space extension, we’re sure you can agree how relaxing it is to come home and take advantage of your own personal outdoor space.  Your deck is a livingroom, diningroom, playroom, workroom, kitchen, all rolled into one.  When designed just right, its a great place to meet with friends, spend quality time with the family, or a perfect escape to head to and read a book.

Here are some pretty amazing decks and rooktops we came across.

Let’s all just close our eyes and imagine ourselves sitting back and stretching our legs out on one of these… - MIAMI - VENICE, CA



coodet com

decoist com

designlike com chicago green design inc

designlike com jamesthomas llc

felmiatika com

mataverdedecking com


padmatcher blog


If you’re looking to redecorate or build up your outdoor space, check out Better Home and Garden’s 14 Ways to Improve Your Deck They give some great ideas if you’re looking to add style, function, and comfort to any deck.  No matter how large or small your deck is you can make it an inviting, warm, and functional extension of your home.

Contact us today if you’re looking to buy or rent!  We have some great properties with amazing roofdecks and beautiful views of the Philadelphia skyline!


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