Five Reason Why Philadelphia is SO Awesome!

Five Reason Why Philadelphia is SO Awesome!

TGIF!!  It’s Philly 5 Friday!  Five reason why Philadelphia is just that awesome (if you even needed reasons)!

The Manayunk Wall

In 1985, two men looked at Manayunk’s Levering Street and saw serious potential: a grueling 17 percent-grade hill that would make the quads of the most seasoned European competitors beg for mercy. Twenty-seven years later, the race they founded—the Philadelphia International Cycling Championship—is the crown jewel of U.S. cycling, with names like Phinney, Heiden and Hincapie among its alumni. That hill, now known simply as the Wall, is legendary. And no easier to climb.

The View of the Parkway From the Art Museum Steps

Every metropolis has photo-op spots. Philly overflows with these. But perhaps none is as lovely and famous as the view from atop the steps of the Art Museum. Look out over the flag-lined Ben Franklin Parkway to the majestic Logan Fountain, and on to the gorgeous Beaux Arts City Hall, and you feel everything is waiting for you.  Your life, in your city.

13th Street

In the early ’90s, 13th Street was a desolate and scary stretch of city; the only people who walked it were those looking for a shady buck or a good porno. Fast-forward 20 years and it’s a bustling epicurean corridor swarming with 20- and 30-somethings sipping fancy cocktails and nibbling designer pizzas. It’s the embodiment of a new Philadelphia, one hungry to shake off its inferiority complex.  Amis, Sampan, Lolita, Jamonera, Barbuzzo, Zavino, Capogiro, El Vez, Vintage and the Corner are just some of the amazing restaurants you can choose from.

The Subway on  Game Days

Heading to Passyunk and seeing all that red or green—a sea of jerseys, hats and t-shirts—roots a person, sports fan or no, down deep in the muck and stone of the city’s collective consciousness. Philly is only Philly during a home stand, and no man with eyes could ever believe he was anywhere else on earth.

The Philadelphia Parking Authority

“Why”, you’re saying, “the PPA?” The guys who are so mean, rude, and abrasive?” We may get a lot of backlash for this one but yes, the PPA.  In a world where no one does his job very well, the PPA does its job—stopping you from parking where you’re not supposed to park—very well. So you can complain about their rudeness, their ruthlessness, and how unfair they are. We sure know we do at times.  But the truth is, it’s really not unfair. They’re stopping people from parking where they weren’t supposed to park. At least we have at least one taxpayer-funded agency that actually does its job.



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