Great Do It Yourself Projects for the Home!

Great Do It Yourself Projects for the Home!

Feeling crafty? Here are some great DIY projects for the home that we love! They’re extremely affordable ways to spruce up your living space and creatively &  functionally create storage!


Hanging Mason Jars for Storage

We found this idea off of and love the concept! This is probably one of the simplest and creative ideas that we’ve seen in a while. They can be used a few different ways:

• Office organizer: Install the jars under bookshelves to store paper clips, erasers, or pens.

• In the bathroom: Fill jars with cotton balls, Q-tips and scented soaps, and attach them under a shelf.

• Beauty routine: Stop the aimless digging for eyeliner and lip gloss and arrange your makeup in easy to see jars under a vanity or free-standing cabinet.

• Show off your collections: Give your keepsakes the attention they deserve and use the mason jars as an inventive display in any room.

mason jar storage

Wall Chalk Boards

Do you have kids or just have a creative mind and would like to get your thoughts and designs on your own house walls?

Wall chalkboards are becoming more and more popular. They even make chalkboard paint now and it’s surprisingly affordable. This looks good particularly in the kitchen. You can post up favorite recipes, grocery lists, “to-dos” or just let the children have their way with the walls while you’re making dinner.

Curious how easy this process is? DIYourself Network gives step by step instructions on how to paint a kitchen chalkboard wall in a day!

kitchen chalkboard wall

Ladder Bookshelves

Build your own bookshelf from two ladders and planks of wood. Simply place two stand-up ladders next to each other and insert planks of wood through the steps of the ladders. The size of the wooden planks will depend on the size of your ladder. You can measure the distance between the corresponding steps for width and the length is entirely up to you! It can be as long or as short as you would like it. The length can be determined by how far apart you make the ladders.

ladder bookshelf

Coffee Bean Candles

Why spend the extra money on scented candles at the store when you create the scent yourself? This idea is very simple and will leave your home smelling amazing. Fill a jar with coffee beans and place a tea light candle on top. The heat from the flame will extract the scent of the coffee bean throughout your home. This ought to wake you up in the morning!

 coffee bean candles



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