Love, Liberty & Lucrative Returns

Love, Liberty & Lucrative Returns

Check out a great article featured in the July/August issue of Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine about Philadelphia and Investing in the Cradle of Liberty.  Jonathan Barach offers his real estate expertise on the rental market in the city, stating “”It’s a city in which it’s easy to invest. It’s cheaper than New York and a lot of other cities. You get more for your money here. The city is still growing. Because the rents are so high, it’s hard not to find the best.” He continues with, “The great thing about Philly is that there are a lot of schools – law schools, hospitals. It’s a big rental market.”

Jonathan gives his professional suggestions on how to take advantage of the Philadelphia market that “only has one place to go – up”. Click on the images below to read the full article by Scott C. Seckel of Personal Real Estate Investors Mag.


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