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Skyline from Drexel Park

Drexel Park Skyline

If you are a busy Drexel University student or you work in the area and need a quick relaxing break, you may need to stop by Drexel Park. The park is located at 32nd Street and Powelton Ave. it offers spectacular views of the Philadelphia skyline from an easily accessible University City location, just around the corner from Drexel University. The park has become a common place for people of all kinds to come relax and enjoy the views of the Philadelphia skyline anytime of the day.

The park started off as a consolidated laundry industrial site, the $500,000 project began in Fall 2007 and was completed in Fall 2008. The park now includes more than 45 trees, flowers, street lamps, walking paths, and park benches.

The 2.5-acre escape attracts Philadelphians for its walking paths, spectacular skyline views, and open green space making it a great spot for reading, relaxing, outdoor sports, dog walking and admiring the city from afar.

The park hosts many extracurricular activities including, Frisbee tournaments, 5k events, movie nights etc. You can take a look at the West Philly local website to find out more information about the area and events.